đź“·Theresa McGlynn/ Clark & Main Photography

đź“·Theresa McGlynn/Clark & Main Photography

Hi. My name is Brandon. I make stories.

I am a multi-award winning screenwriter/director living in Los Angeles, CA. My animated pilot, Whale of a Time, follows the animated adventures of a repressed homosexual whale and the Nazi scientist that lives in his tum-tum who travel through time ruining history. Whale was a finalist in the 2016 Tracking Board Launch Pad Pilot Contest as well as a semi-finalist in the 2017 Second City Training Center Pilot Contest. I am also the co-creator and director of the Channel 101 NY-winning webseries My Racist Toaster, which is exactly what it sounds like.

I am a sketch writer for LA-based team The Pinup Squirrels, who perform at The Upright Citizens Brigade, Second City, and the Nerdist School Stage. I am also a writer at The Pack Theater for the long-running house team Gunslinger. 

My play, The Wheel of Invention, was the recipient of the Lumpy-Cramp© Spirit of the Fringe, Never in the Box Award and an ENCORE! Producer’s Award at the 2016 Hollywood Fringe Festival. Wheel was also awarded runner up for Best Musical at the 2015 Los Angeles Theater Festival, which is impressive considering it isn’t technically a musical.

Aside from my film and stage work, I am also a podcast producer. I am the co-host/producer of I Think You’d Be Into It, “the podcast about your problematic faves,” a production of my production company AwesomeTech Industries. I am also a producer for Feral Audio’s Everything’s Coming Up Simpsons podcast, and have written and edited shows for Blue Rock Public Radio, The Prep School Hippie, and several others.

I want to work with you on writing your cartoon, sitcom or live show. Samples of my work, as well as my original pilots, can be found under the writing tab, above. If you are interested in my projects or would like to inquire about hiring me freelance for any of my specialties, please visit my contact page for info.

I am also more than happy to just talk with you about the band Phish.